Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review

I was very excited when AT&T asked me to join them at Hurricane Harbor to “test” the recently launched (yup, I’m very late to publish this) Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.
We were a small group at the water park but we made a big splash. Thank you AT&T for the fun day and the oppourtunity to review this phone.

The water park was fun but fast forward 2 months (see how late this really is…) and I took a family vacation with my wife and 2 kids. We went to Hawaii and spent a week being tourists. Every day we were swimming, snorkeling or just being lazy in the water. I am an iPhone guy, it has it’s benefits for me personally but I was using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active a lot during this vacation. I took it into the ocean to play in the surf, the pool taking underwater selfies with my kids and videos of them on the hotels water slide and I even took it snorkeling, where I new it wasn’t very deep so if I dropped it I could retrieve it. That’s my one compliant about the phone, it needs to have the ability to attach a wrist strap or something like that.

Now to talk about the other details… It’s not small, it’s not thin and it’s not graceful but darn it this thing was amazing. I loved knowing I had a rugged phone in my pocket, not my dainty iPhone. The Active felt good in the hand, the battery lasted the day while I was using it for maps, keeping on top of my email and taking a LOT of pictures/videos.
For me having 1 device that was my phone and camera is great but it’s what most people expect in this day and age and Samsung didn’t disappoint. I’m not a camera aficionado but I think the Active takes better pictures then my iPhone 6S in that the colors pop more. I don’t know if that’s the phone enhancing the pictures for me but I don’t care, I was taking pictures underwater.
That’s it, it’s a Samsung Android phone, big whoop but it is if you have kids or live an active lifestyle. I’ve reviewed LifeProof cases before and they are great but there’s nothing like having a phone built to be tough. If you are a weekend warrior or have kids who seem to spill liquids or drop your phone then this phone is for you.
The holidays are coming and I can promise you that I would be stoked to get one of these as a gift. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is exclusive to AT&T so go get it there.

Short AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 IMG_4359Wow, just wow. I do not say that very often any more about devices. Phones lately have become pretty utilitarian to me. That was until I got my hands on the new AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6.

This new flagship from Samsung has been a real pleasure for me over the last few weeks. For starters, Android has nearly caught up in terms of apps and beauty of those apps. They still are not as sleek as iOS apps but they’ve come a long way.

Looks wise it is a sleek, skinny and small in comparison to other current top models. In fact it feels pretty darn good in my hand, maybe even better than the iPhone 6. It does not feel TOO thin or that I’m always going to drop it like another phone I just mentioned. Oddly the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S6 looks like a knockoff of the iPhone 6. It’s pretty disappointing to me that they look so similar. In fact the entire silver rim around the S6 looks nearly identical to the iPhone 6, it’s just missing the mute switch (which I LOVE).

Now to the camera. Oh the camera, it is a dream. For someone like me who mostly takes pictures of my kids, sunsets and activities I’m able to capture them all, quickly and with great vivid color. In so far as the testing I’ve done already I adore this camera more than the iPhone 6. It’s not even a close race, take a look at the picture I posted and the better pic is from the SGS6, no need to even label them. No one tell my wife I posted these pics, she won’t be happy.

Now a few things that I don’t like about this phone. My biggest pet peeve right now is that the fingerprint reader works maybe 1 out of 6 times. It helps a little that I put my finger print in twice. I recorded into the phone as 2 different prints which seemed to make it work maybe 20% more often. This is the biggest disappointment I have with the phone especially because Samsung Pay is going to rely on it for quick transactions. If Samsung can’t fix this there is really no point in launching their opponent to Apple Pay. My other big issue is with Android in general. I place my phone on my desk sometimes in a stand when sitting and I like to see notifications come across the screen. For some reason Android has not added the ability to have the screen light up and show me what the new message is that just arrived. Oooh, it has a blinking blue light to tell me a message has come in, great, I get about 100 email a day, who knows how many text and WhatsApp messages don’t get me started on Facebook and Twitter. I don’t want to just know I got a message, I want to see what that new message is, at least who it is from and the subject of it if it’s an email. It’s 2015 Android, let’s make this an option already.

Thank you to AT&T and the nice folks in their LA office who were kind enough to lend me the Samsung Galaxy S6. I don’t like to pump up AT&T all the time because they let me review phones but because theirs is the only cell phone service that works in my house. Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint don’t even come close, I’m not able to make calls in my home/office whereas AT&T has 5 full bars. Calls don’t drop, I can hear people clearly and their internet speeds are comparable to my terrestrial high speed internet.

All in all if anybody is looking for their next Android phone I highly suggest getting the Samsung Galaxy S6, it may not be the most rugged or have the best battery life but it sure takes great pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6 camera test