Mobile Casino Games – No More Downloads Needed


We’ve come a long way since the first introduction of slots machines in the 20th century. Gaming as a whole has become a worldwide phenomenon, and thanks to the internet and lately, the inclusion of the smartphone in our everyday lives, it is more accessible than ever.

There are several big leaps in casino games that we can mention – the first was Microgaming’s foray into the world of online casino games, followed by the inclusion of instant play casinos, and finally the “minimization” of casino games in the form of casino apps on mobile devices.

There are literally thousands of different casino apps, some supported by the big online casino brands and others, that emulate the experience for free and are available for download on Google’s Play Store. You can browse through some of the biggest names and most excellent app offer at, specifically tailored for Android devices.

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Like we mentioned before, the biggest leap in online casino gaming seems to be, apart from the obvious improvements in graphics, games variety and quality, bonus features and others, the accessibility of said games.

If we compare online casinos of the 90’s with those of the late 2000’s, we will notice that “instant play” is a much more sought out alternative. Players no longer need to download software to be able to play their favorite games – they only need to log in, and start playing.

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This in itself caused some problems since now sites need to support other technologies in order to render games in a browser. The same technology was adopted to mobile gaming as well, since Flash was still “the thing” back then, however it made the market separated due to Apple and its policy of not supporting Flash. This of course changed with the introduction of HTML5 – the 5th iteration of the most popular hyper text markup language. HTML5 made it possible for casino app developers to create instant play games available on the Play Store as well as the official websites of the casinos.

Instant play nowadays is pretty much a standard – all you ever need is the latest version of your mobile OS to be able to access the online casino. If you are not fan of mobile casino apps, you can play your favorite games by typing in the casino’s URL into the mobile browser and a responsive web page will be displayed where you will be able to play instant play games at your leisure.

Thanks to Google’s Chrome mobile browser, you can even create shortcut to your favorite mobile casino which you can then start up from the native screen of your Android powered mobile device.

Overall it is a powerful feature which grants you unlimited and unrestricted functionality that is also unhindered by the occasional update. Still, you will need to be connected to the internet in order to be able to play so it is a feature mostly desired by the casino players who play for real money.

Online Casino for Android – Safe Gaming Tips

Mobile gaming is constantly flourishing. Online casinos are continuously taking advantage of the booming mobile market by developing, upgrading and updating their apps and expanding upon the feature palette with better games, more bonuses and other incentives. We are talking about excellent apps such as Casino App Kings which you can check out for the latest offering of casino games and more.

With that being said, now more than ever is safety and security important for players who plan on spending their quality time (and money) on their mobile, Android powered device. Android is undoubtedly the most widely used mobile OS on the market and there are literally dozens of different versions available at once. Combine this with the many different smartphone and tablet manufacturers and what you get – a very real and existing danger of either being hacked or exploited by various malicious software. All is not lost however, especially if you follow these simple tips that will allow for a safe, secure and enjoyable mobile casino gaming.

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  1. Use an antivirus / antimalware software

All right this is a given. The reason is quite simple – an antivirus is your first line of defense. Maybe you won’t spot a dodgy link, email or something that tries to embed itself into your phone’s OS and take advantage of your credit card info. A good mobile antivirus will also offer extended protection while downloading apps, checking for updates and also, check for additionally installed programs that are part of some online bundles (some of these contain malware which can be very harmful for your device).

  1. Be extra careful when using free WI-FI

Imagine the next scenario – you are at the airport / coffee shop / bus stop, i.e. any place where you have to wait for an extended period of time and you get quickly bored. Lo and behold, you whip out your smartphone or tablet and you decide to play a round of slots or roulette, and luckily there’s an open WI-FI connection. Little did you know, you have actually connected to someone’s setup connection who is now downloading all your data and stealing your personal info. Now he can impersonate you and even do stuff which you can normally do with your phone. That is why you should choose the open Hot Spot very, very carefully. Beware hotel lobbies as well.

  1. Update your device regularly

This goes without saying but keeping your software up to date means you get better protection in itself when dealing with some software attacks. Google updates their Android platform with a ton of fixes on performance but also security, especially in light of recent attacks on mobile devices. As a casino player, this means you will also benefit from smoother game play and faster loading screens.

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  1. Never store your credit card info on your phone

Another basic tip which many (MANY) people often forget. This is something which is too simple yet leaves you so exposed. Starting from the obvious scenarios of losing the device or having it stolen, to the above mentioned WI-FI piggyback to visiting a website that has an infected software waiting to leech of off your device… so just keep your credit card info either stored safely or use it only when playing. It is just not worth the risk.

  1. Download trusted apps

If you are on the lookout for the next best casino app, make sure to either check what’s on offer at the Play Store (for casuals) or at the recommended casino sections on reputable casino reviewers. It is a very bad idea to just go for the first app you find since you can most definitely end up being scammed for your credit card details.


Five Most Popular Casino Games in the Apple Store

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Finding the ideal app on the App Store can be a real chore (and no, the rime was not intended). Indeed there are literally hundreds of casino apps, all with similar sounding names, all offering the best premium Vegas experience on your iPhone or iPad. Some are free, some are paid, but all show the promise of an excellent time playing your favorite slots, table games, video poker and more.

We have scoured the far reaches of the App Store to bring you the top 5 picks that deserve your attention. A part of them are those who have hundreds of thousands of downloads, yet some are just great on their own and don’t rely on fancy numbers. You can also check out our list for best mobile casinos that you can visit on your mobile device. Now then, let’s check out our picks:

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All right, we are cheating a bit with this one but come on – it is a cards game and one of the most popular one of all time. Solitaire on iTunes isn’t your average card game app however – it is packed full of awesome features which take full advantage of the device you are using to play it on. It has Daily Challenges included for the adventurous types, theme packs for the collectors, a multiplayer version, winning deals, leader boards where you can brag and compete with others, support for portrait and landscape play, Vegas Scoring, full blown statistics and more. It is truly the ultimate card gaming app.

DoubleDown Casino & Slots

With over 80 widely different authentic Vegas themed games, DoubleDown casino & Slots is an app that will have you tapping away endlessly. There’s a huge variety of 5 and 3 reel slots with many bonus features, excellent graphics and incentives are being added regularly. You get 1 million of free chips which you can double if you claim the daily bonus. You can play against real players or the CPU and you can use your Facebook profile to log in and share chips with your friends. There’s even a tournament setup for competitive types, all mobile friendly.

Slotomania Casino

This is the biggest casino app on the App Store, period. There are over 100 different slots and games such as American Glory, Zeus, Lucky Derby and many more which you can play instantly. It is a great collection of casino titles which look great and run even better on any iOS powered device. The app itself is a great starting platform since it also includes a free coin bonus (goes up every 3 hours, new mini games, special promotions for competitive players as well as ton of in-game bonuses that are either specific for a given game or cater to all of them.



Slots Free Casino House of Fun

Yet another great casino app with which you can access a ton of great casino picks like slots, table games and more. You will find some of the fan favorites like Egypt, Diamonds, Big Cats or Mystic Bear. There’s even the inclusion of progressive slots as well as the constant addition of new games being added on a monthly basis. If you are one of them competitive players, you can check out the constant stream of promotions, gifts and other rewards.

Slots – Huuuge Casino

With a rather peculiar name, this app is quite interesting to boot when you consider the unique games you will find filling its game rooster. There are a ton of slots, of course, which feature both the classic and video variety, though what we fell in love with were the classic representations for modern audiences of Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Baccarat. They are keeping the line up fresh by adding new games regularly, and have organized bonuses and other fun additions for players who stick around and play.