Jeb Brilliant owns and operates TheMobilePerspective.

Jeb has been sent mobile phones and other related goodies by multiple companies. In rare instances TheMobilePerspective has been allowed to keep some of them.

Jeb is friends with lots of people/companies and sometimes they have been known to send him a t-shirt or pens etc. to keep, if he likes it he may keep it, if He doesn’t then he won’t. Keep in mind this is not CNN or BBC news. If we write something in here you don’t like that’s ok. Sometimes it may be one sided, sometimes we even write things in here just because we like someone.

We are easily persuaded by gifts and goodies. That’s our right. So send us something cool and we may review it. If we don’t like it we will usually be nice enough not to write about it.

Feel free to send Jeb press releases at Jeb @ TheMobilePerspective .com or try to schedule a briefing to tell him about your product/service.

To be 100% clear, client means they pay us and we do have clients that are talked about on TheMobilePerspective. Over the years we’ve reviewed products or worked with LG, Samsung, Nokia, 1000 Heads, Lory Lory, Israel Export Institute, Waggner Edstrom, Casey & Sayre, SpinVox, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. The list goes on but that’s all I can think of at the moment. Full disclosure and transparency are important, so there you go.