Apple Watch Frenzy, I Can’t Wait To Use It To Open My Hotel Room Door

The Apple Watch is coming… The Apple Watch is coming… My news feed is filled with talk of Apple’s latest and greatest new device category and the world is giddy with excitement. Well it is exciting, it’s not the first smart watch, Continue reading

Samsung Is Doing What Apple Couldn’t, Samsung Pay Will Work At 90% Of POS CC Machines Thanks to LoopPay

Family, friends, CEO’s and parents at my kids school always ask me what was exciting at MWC this year.  By Monday morning, the first day of MWC, I’m pretty sure I have already seen what is going to be the Continue reading

Hilton Humanitarian Prize Going To Fountain House/Clubhouse International

It is my pleasure to report that the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has selected Fountain House/Clubhouse International to Receive $1.5 Million to further its work to help those suffering from mental illness to reclaim their lives and realize their potential through work Continue reading