Cheaper Plans And Perks Are Going To Be Hot

Lately a lot of people are talking about switching to lower rate plans including the prepaid and postpaid plans. I started doing a little research and found that AT&T (who is my current carrier) recently started offering some interesting price options. I’ve been looking into them and feel like it’s time to share, there’s only 1 problem… I can’t find the pricing online. I saw it once on my computer and 2 or 3 times in the AT&T app but can’t find it any longer. I don’t think it’s something they’re taking away, I am assuming they’re kind of soft launching these or testing them out before making the plans more accessible.

AT&T as usual is moving in the right direction but not very fast and not with a lot of power behind it.

I think the lower cost data plans usually with X amount of 4G then dropping down to 2G or 3G speeds is going to become a very popular pricing option in the next year or 2. MOST people don’t need UNLIMITED 4G and many don’t even need 10GB. I believe most families can get away with 5-6GB/month, not including teenagers. Teens skew that.

Either way, low cost data is going to be the future. Side note, I think adding perks like 2 free GoGo airplane wifi passes/month or a discount on pro sports tickets it’s a great way to differentiate yourself from the competitors. Just making a suggestion to all the carriers out there.

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