AT&T Is Waking Up To International Roaming

I just read that AT&T is coming out with a new international roaming plan tomorrow. On the surface this seems to be a positive move.

Keep in mind I don’t know any details about this yet but it’s supposedly $10/day to use your regular bucket of data/text/voice. Meaning if you have unlimited voice and text with 10gb of data you can act as normal when abroad if you’re paying the $10/day fee plus it will be at 4G speeds. This seems like a good deal for short trips and lay overs or for heavy data users. Don’t forget that you already get free calls and text (I think), though I’m not sure about the data in Canada and Mexico.

For folks who don’t use much data the AT&T Passport  roaming plan may be a better bet.

As a whole this is a step in the right direction but I’m not sure it’s a big enough step for regular international travelers. T-Mobile and Sprint both offer free roaming at 2G and 3G speeds which is OK. I know AT&T is out of T-Mobile and Sprint’s league but I would have liked to see a more competitive plan or additional offers like $40-$50/month.

Keep up the good work AT&T, you’re doing the right things to keep me as a customer, just keep moving in this direction.

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