GigaPower Coming To Southern California

AT&T GigaPowerRehan Asad from AT&T’s broadband strategy and entertainment group who’s in charge of GigaPower solutions gave me a briefing earlier this week. Instead of giving you a bunch of minimally important info you probably don’t care about I’ll give you a link to their site to see if your residence, office or anywhere else has GigaPower.

The real meat and potatoes of the interview with Rehan was that GigaPower is FAST. I used to get excited to hear that Big Red who’s now Frontier something or other can give me 50Mbps but AT&T can double that. 100Mbps or 1Gigabit is what Rehan claims and I’m planning to test it out. Until then I’m going to trust GigaPower can actually provide that.

In terms anyone can understand… It’s going to be super fast. Your kids and their friends can come over and stream Netflix and Hulu while someone FaceTime’s with their boyfriend and Grandpa has the game on the TV/tablet. Oh and don’t forget someone is also on the good old telephone. This can all happen at once and there shouldn’t be any freezing or pixelation.

No this isn’t life changing for most of you but it is something that Rehan says is future proofed for more than just a few years. That means in another 10 years AT&T won’t have to dig up your street and you’ll be able to do all the streaming you are doing now plus have your entire home connected with everything in HD and you still shouldn’t have a problem.

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