AT&T New Web Video Options

DirecTV launched some new plans that are geared toward the younger millennial crowds. Gone are the days of having to sit in front of your TV to watch your favorite shows. We’ve known this was happening for a while but with AT&T’s purchase of DirecTV they can now start offering up television as well.

Roger Cheng (@RogerWCheng) from CNET explained it “There’s DirecTV Now, a package of on-demand and live programming that customers will be able to access on any Internet-connected device, from a smartphone to a Roku streaming box, without the need for a traditional pay-TV subscription. DirecTV Mobile, meanwhile, is a feature for DirecTV subscribers that lets them access their content on any phone, regardless of the carrier. Lastly, there’s DirecTV Preview, a free mobile-TV service similar to Verizon’s Go90 mobile app, which offers a mix of short and long videos.”.

I know streaming shows has become an issue of late. With so many of those cord cutters not having paid TV service when you want to watch live events like awards shows you can’t. Most service providers make you log in even to watch the free channels and with out that log in no award shows and upset wife. So hopefully this will solve all our problems.

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