Exciting Stuff From AT&T 

  So much has been talked about during the AT&T Developer Summit this morning and lots of it is interesting. 

For me the most exciting topics we heard about and I talked to heavy hitting executives about is 

WiFi Calling: Calls made over wifi, for example in a basement or deep inside a building where the cellular network can’t reach. 

VoLTE: Calls made over the LTE (4G) network. This makes calls extremely clear and ideally without packet loss. 

Number Sync: 1 number for all your connected devices. This allows you to send a text from your tablet or smart watch from your cell phone number. 

What does this all mean for AT&T customers? You will have a greatly enhanced experience with all your connected devices, from crystal clear calls anywhere you can get wifi to responding to text messages showing your cell number from a network connected watch or tablet. 

What will you use all this for?

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