A New Romantic Digital Gesture (and a free be for you)

Love-Locks-2A friend called me last week and told me the long anticipated service his company has been working on is in its initial launch phase. The service is a digital love locks service on virtual fences around the world that you can read about in detail below. The company is slowly rolling out the actual advertisement of the service to avoid load issues so they made a limited  initial launch special promotion and reduced the price of the premium lock bundle from $6.99 to 99¢ for life. The special price will be updated before February back to $6.99. They also  give a free super premium lock for everybody who is a reader here and writes a post about the service (details at the end of the post). You should visit their service which is currently optimized for web viewing on a desktop and it’s in the process of being optimized for mobiles: http://www.lovelocksplace.com.

The service lets everybody create a digital love lock and dedicate it to their loved ones. Love locks are the padlocks lovers lock on bridges and fences all over the world. The digital lock is a more interactive version of the physical one, doesn’t require you to go (or fly) to the bridge and offers a media rich customized love token for the partner, a friend, a family member, a newborn child, and basically every loved person you can think of. This is an easy way to give a gift which is totally personalized much more than the usual Valentines’ bouquet or a chocolate box, it can be easily shared in social media and it is an eco friendly solution to the tons of locks put on bridges that already caused several municipalities to remove the whole fence from the bridge with the tons of locks and throw them away.

The rationale behind the service is to give easier access to tap into the lovelocks phenomenon and provide an easy way to answer the problem we all face when thinking about gifts and especially romantic gifts. According to Idan Gafni, co-founder of the love locks place, their survey shows that every couple faces at least 3 events a year where the partners are expected to gift one another. The birthday is one of them but about 40% of couples go out or celebrate the birthday instead of buying gifts while in anniversaries and on Valentine’s Day they are more likely to buy gifts and face the dilemma of what to buy. Idan points out the exhibitionist nature social media uncovered in our society and that there are many people who share pictures of gifts they got on social networks which is made easier with a digital asset like their love lock. “There is no way to predict how people use such a service until it is actually launched and used. We developed the service but people may use it for different purposes than what we anticipate like digital graffiti to claim digital space and to share their creativity and thoughts. We are very excited to learn what people create and to become an enabler for people to spread their love.”

If you are interested in writing about the service, help my good friend Idan, and also get an unlimited premium lock for free use their contact us form (http://lovelocksplace.com/eform/submit/contact-us), let them know you are a reader of this blog and that you want to write about the service and your e-mail address and they will get in touch with you.

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