Why Free Slots on Mobile Phones Are So Popular

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Chatting, talking, texting, drawing, counting steps, watching videos and listening to music are only a few of the numerous activities that can be completed with a mobile phone. We live in an era where smartphones are integrated in our lives more than ever before. As more and more people avoid using desktops and laptops for completing simple tasks that can be done via their mobile phone, many industries focused on developing mobile friendly products. Therefore, the mobile app market currently offers a rich selection of all kinds of tools and games that can be opened and played on smartphones. One specific field that interests me today is the mobile gaming industry, which offers both free and real money games like slots, roulette, blackjack and poker. It’s very interesting how the main reason why players decide to try such games is the cash prizes, but free slots are extremely popular among customers nonetheless. So, many have been wondering, what makes free slots so special so that people are massively downloading and playing them even though they don’t offer the main treat – a real money prize?

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Well, the simplest answer to that question would be that slots are fun. I mean, they’re really, really fun and come with fantastic graphic effects, realistic sounds as well as with thrilling bonus features. Thus, even though when a free spins bonus round is activated you don’t actually win money, the excitement is huge and you are obviously enjoying the time spent playing free slots. Plus, the selection of these games is so extensive that even the pickiest players can find a mobile slot machine with a theme they find interesting. You can go on treasure quests, fight mysterious creatures and hang out with superheroes; I’m telling you, the world of free slots certainly is amazing. If you want to try some cool iPhone pokies available to players from Australia you should check http://www.killerpokies.com/mobile-pokies.html out. This is a site that lets you play a good deal of slots on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows devices instantly and for free.

Back on the topic, another obvious reason why free slots are so popular is because they’re free. Unlike mobile apps that have to be paid or keep the best part of the games only for those who will make in-app purchases, these pokies provide you endless fun 100% free of charge. Players should simply visit a mobile gaming site that offers free slots or download an application that features one or more such games and they’re ready to play as long as they want. No matter whether you are not in the mood for real money gambling or you just want to try a newly released game, free slots are always there for you.

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Finally, playing free pokies on your smartphone is very easy and practical. In comparison with complicated games that require lots of effort from the player, free slots usually require a simple press of the spin button. Sometimes, players are asked to make choices, open mystery boxes and etc; nevertheless, all these commands are given by tapping on the screen and therefore you can enjoy such games on the move, while you’re riding on a bus or even at parties. Plus, since you’ve invested no money in these slots, you don’t have to worry if your focus is not 100% there because you’ve got nothing to lose.

Have you ever tried free mobile pokies? Do you like them? I am personally a huge fan of such games because I don’t always feel like investing my money at mobile casinos, but I do enjoy top notch quality slots such as Tomb Raider, The Incredible Hulk and Aliens. Therefore, I think free pokies are the perfect way to have fun and avoid spending at the same time. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments area.

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