Volvo XC90, Safe and Connected

IMG_0431I am a bit of a safety nut when it comes to my family and was excited to get to take a ride in Volvo’s newest XC90. It is their large SUV (European standards), about as big as a Toyota Highlander. What an experience and one I won’t forget. I could have driven but I wanted to take notes.

It was very interesting to watch the car basically drive it self. I watched the car navigate and steer. When the driver put the blinker on the car waited for a safe time to change lanes then it did it all by itself. Parking was amazing, totally hands free. Cruise control was also amazing. You can set a maximum speed then let the car do the rest. In our case it locked on to the car ahead of us and matched speed while keeping a safe distance.

Being a Volvo I have very high safety expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. With their new Run Off Road seats designed to absorb downward force of your body to keep your spinal cord from compressing if your car runs off the road. Nearly half of fatalities in cars in the US are related to the vehicle running off the road. What happens is that it gets air born and when it lands your body compresses into the seat. Volvo’s new seats absorb a great deal of that downward force keeping your spine in good shape.

The mobile angle is that the new XC90’s (along with all their other models) purchased in the US come equipped with an AT&T 4G LTE sim card. It keeps your car connected to the network, this helps so you can remotely start your car or lock/unlock the doors. You can stream your music, schedule an oil change and use the car as a mobile hotspot. Trust me when I tell you the kids will like that, if you let them use tech devices in the car. By the way we spoke to the car and told it where to drive us to and guess what… It worked perfectly. Hello Knight Rider.

I am very impressed with the new Volvo XC90 and hope I can get one in the next few years. They start at $50k and I was in the $66k version. Hey Volvo, if you want me to take one for a week I’d be happy to test it out for you.

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  1. I had the first XC90 and loved it. It was too big when I lived Hollywood, so that’s when I got rid of it. My wife is killing me because of my doing – it’s her favorite car. This new one that you’re standing next to looks amazing. Good blog. I want to go test drive one now.

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