The New Digital Experience Center

Perform Ice SculptureAt PERFORM 2015 this week, Dynatrace unveiled what it called the world’s first Digital Experience Center (DEC) – it’s a business-focused command center of the future that provides businesses critical, real-time analysis of all customer experiences – including mobile — that will enable organizations to holistically, accurately and proactively measure and manage their digital businesses.

  •        Just as the network operations center (NOC) became the technically-focused command center for IT infrastructure management, the DEC is the business-focused command center that will make sure customers are happy – whether they are on PCs, smartphones, tablets, or in India or Indiana.
  •        Powered by Dynatrace’s latest user experience management (UEM) open framework, the DEC enables business stakeholders to see how customers are experiencing their services, in real-time, across digital and physical channels.
  •        Companies can now bring together user experience, conversion metrics, social, location and other third-party data in a single, real-time, business cockpit.
  •       The DEC further enables clean and simple handoffs from business teams to technical counterparts to address potential issues immediately.

And it is important to note that the DEC isn’t static – it is LIVE here at PERFORM, and is measuring and analyzing data in real-time about the attendees, including me. The PERFORM mobile application is integrated with 20 beacons capturing data over Bluetooth (similar to being in a big box store) and is linked to Twitter to correlate social media activity.

It’s complicated, but the interface is simple and really cool – you can see it in this video… Click HERE to watch the video (the ability to embed was turned off). 

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