iPhone 6S, My Only Real Complaint Is How Fast It Is

iPhone-6-processor-performanceSo how are you liking your new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus? I’m loving mine for the most part. I got an AT&T iPhone 6S 64GB and it is pretty amazing, it’s a nice software update and the hardware is great. I’ve heard a few complaints about the weight but I personally like having a little more heft to the phone.

Let me cover my only real complaint and what’s funny is is that it’s a huge upgrade from the previous iteration. I am having a hard time with how fast my new iPhone unlocks itself when I use my fingerprint. This phone is so much faster and it is NICE. The problem is, I used to light up my phone to see what messages have come in since I last looked but now that my fingerprint unlocks the phone in mere moments, I am missing what is on the screen and have to go look it up in Notifications.

I know this is a ridiculous complaint but it actually effecting the way I use my phone.

Let me tell you, I am in love with my new AT&T iPhone 6S and the speed of the phone and the network are pretty amazing.

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