FCC Finally OK’s AT&T WiFi Calling

ATT-WiFi-Calling-for-some-iOS-9-usersHappy day happy day. AT&T finally got the OK to light up their WiFi calling feature. iPhone 5S and later users on iOS 9 can now make regular calls over WiFi.

This is great news for anybody who has bad cellular reception but great WiFi. So you might now be able to make calls from your basement or deep inside your cement high rise. My parents house is a black hole for all 4 major carriers but they do have WiFi so now I can make calls from their living room.

On a side note, now my phone battery doesn’t drain nearly as fast because it’s not struggling to grab a cellular signal, it’s happy with just the WiFi.

Hopefully AT&T will soon allow callers to make free calls from other countries when they’re on WiFi.

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