AT&T WiFi Calling Is A Miracle For More Than One Reason

FullSizeRenderSo I’ve been waiting for wifi calling for years and AT&T recently finally released it. For those of you who may not know it means that your texts and voice calls can now travel over wifi versus the cellular network it has had to traditionally. It’s a big deal… Right? Right.

Now you can get your SMS while you’re at 30,000 feet if you have airplane wifi like Gogo. You can make a call from your cousins basement where cell phone coverage is spotty at best. You can even fly to Europe and make a call on your hotel wifi… Err, no you can’t not yet but hopefully soon.

Back to why this is so great. I’m really excited because when I visit friends and family with bad reception my phone battery used to plummet because the phone was always looking for a stronger signal. At my parents house where we have to use the Cel-Fi Pro signal booster my battery would potentially not last the day. It was awful going in the afternoon after a long day of calls, I’d have to charge my phone at their house or my phone would die.

Wifi calling has actually made a difference in my life. No more checking to make sure my phone isn’t dying. No more having to go outside to make and receive phone calls (always fun in the rain). I think this is a big step for AT&T and I hope they continue taking these steps. Ralph, would you please allow your customers to use their phones over wifi in foreign countries as if they were in the US? While we’re at it and if it makes any difference, give us some MUCH better roaming options. I’m loyal to big blue but I hate having to get a local sim in a foreign country because your roaming options are so expensive.

Back to the good stuff. For now wifi calling is only available on iOS 9 phones from the 6 on. I can’t promise you though, I’ve heard mixed reports. The good thing is I assume AT&T will release it for other platforms soon.

Last thing I’ll say about this, I have a hard time receiving calls over wifi since the iOS 9.1 update. It hangs up and then rings again then hangs up and rings again. Making calls is fine though. It’s very strange and I’ve only found one or two other people with a similar issue.

Have you been using AT&T wifi calling? What do you think? I haven’t been able to use it much because it only kicks in when there’s bad reception and what Ralph says is true, most places have great signal and as a result I haven’t been able to test it extensively.

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