Will We See Apple Give Us More Free iCloud Backup Space Next Week?

  I feel like I am being nickle and dimed by Apple but I kind of get it. Apple refuses to give it’s iOS users unlimited picture and video backup like Google is doing now and I think it is a mistake. For years the 5GB we get for free from Apple to back up our iOS devices it hasn’t been enough. For many years now I’ve been getting asked how to recoup space in peoples iCloud so they can backup their phones. This is ridiculous ESPECIALLY in terms of pictures and video. Apple is supposedly going to be giving us a higher megapixel camera if you believe the rumors. If this is the case then we’re going to run out of space on our iPhones much quicker. 

I understand that Apple wants to sell more expensive higher GB phones but this is moot if we can’t back them up. It’s great to have a 128 GB capacity iPhone but if I can’t back up all those photos to iCloud where do you think I’m going to go??? Google Photos. Yup, it’s free and it works well, plus it makes those cute gif’s. 

I am of the belief that Apple should give all it’s iCloud users a minimum of 1TB of space. I doubt they make much money selling cloud space so why don’t they spend a billion dollars or so and give all it’s users more iCloud space. 

What do you think should we get a free terabyte? 

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