Do Non Techies Have To Get The iPhone 6S? NOPE.

MervynsI get asked all the time, “Should I get the new iPhone?”. My knee jerk reaction is of course get the new iPhone. This may be the right answer for me but it is not for everybody.

Yes I’m going to go to the AT&T store next Friday morning and get myself a brand new iPhone 6S. Yes I am a total technology whore. But not everybody is like me. I won’t name names but a few friends now have asked me what to do and to be perfectly honest I want them to future proof them selves for an extra year and get the 6S or 6S Plus but they don’t really need to. They won’t be jumping on the new phone band wagon. I submitted to their actual needs and they’re going to visit the AT&T store after the new iPhone comes out and pick up the year old iPhone 6. Why? Because not everybody needs to have the newest. Not everybody cares about future proofing. I did convince them to get the 6 at least and not the 5S (we’re not savages) but they’ll have mobile payment and a few other niceties that the 6S just builds upon.

So does everybody need to pick up a new iPhone 6S, NOPE, they really don’t. Will I be tapping at the AT&T store window Friday morning like in that old Merveyns commercial

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