AT&T Is Slowly Rolling Out WiFi Calling On iPhones with iOS 9

IMG_4492I am over the moon that we’re finally getting voice calls over WiFi on AT&T. Everyone knows I’m a big fan of AT&T but I’ve been bummed out lately that the first half of 2015 came and went, Summer has come and now we’re in the home stretch and until today I haven’t heard about WiFi calling. But today is the day. Today I got excited about AT&T for the first time all Summer.

WiFi calling allows at this moment iPhone iOS 9 users to make voice calls over wireless internet. So next time I visit my cousin in Utah and stay in her basement where I get great WiFi but zero AT&T reception I’ll be able to make and receive calls. This is exciting news because as good as AT&T’s coverage may be they aren’t everywhere, like in basements and middle of big buildings.

I’m hoping that AT&T makes the right choice and chooses not to bill customers for making WiFi calls from outside the US while they’re roaming. T-Mobile is killing AT&T on the roaming front and it is not looking good. I know dozens of international business travelers that were staunch AT&T and Verizon customers that have dropped their carrier of choice for the free data roaming when they travel abroad. ┬áThis will really make a difference but I don’t think it will be enough.

Either way I’m very excited and now that I have the settings and get most of the way through the set up I’m sure my account will be enabled soon to make calls over WiFi networks in hotel rooms with bad reception and AirBNB homes in foreign countries.

IMG_4491One last thing Ralph, this is a great move that we’ve been waiting a long time for, I really hope though that you don’t consider this a final destination, it is just a stepping stone to a flat planet with no roaming. If I may give you my 2 cents I don’t think AT&T needs to give away free international data but should at the very least offer highly reduced roaming plans. Like 500min/texts and 1GB of data for $10-$20 while roaming. T-Mobile still has a better offer but you don’t have to beat their offer you’re beating them with coverage.

Good job AT&T, keep up the change.


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