Backpacking Gear Review… Knife, Solar Charger & iPhone Case

IMG_0741This last summer I went on a 4 day backpacking trip and I was lucky enough to get a few things sent to me to use on my journey.  My buddy Jason Schwartz founder of the super popular outdoors blog RockyMountainBushcraft hooked me up with the nice folks at Secur Products and Industrial Revolution They in turn sent me out a highly portable solar charger as well as a super sleek fire starter knife.

First I got the Secur Products Sun Power Pad 3000.  It’s a small solar panel with 1 USB output  of 1amp and the battery packs 3,000mAh.  Some may scoff at this going it won’t charge my iPad or it doesn’t have 2 USB out ports, well you’re missing the point of this product, it’s super light at 8.7oz and for me, being my first backpacking trip ever, every single ounce made a difference.  I am inthralled with this, I brought it along thinking I was going to need to charge my camera, an 8mp iPhone 5s (from AT&T) in a LifeProof fre case but in airplane mode and taking very few pictures (I was trying to get away from anything that used electricity) it lasted all 4 days.  So you ask did I use the solar charger?  Yes on our drive down the mountain and home from our trip.  Plus now I take it with when we go to the beach or pool.  It has been invaluable because my 5s struggles to make it through the day I use it so much and when I’m outside during the day I have to keep the screen at full brightness.  I have been enjoying this charger and it’s worked well for me all summer and into what some people call fall and winter but here in southern california we call summer with a sweater at night.

Camping GearNow to the Industrial Revolution Swedish FireKnife.  This is a cool knife, besides being only 3.4oz it has a FireSteel fire starter stick in the handle with over 3,000 strikes and the knife itself is made by Mora (a world famous knife manufacturer).  We never had to use the FireSteel but it was nice to know that I had it and it was cool to show off.  It has a nice feel to it and looks good as well.  I keep it in my office to open packages for the moment because it is so ridiculously sharp but I plan to put it in an earthquake preparedness kit in the very near future. Maybe Industrial Revolution will help me with that, wink wink.

The last and most used product from my backpacking trip is the LifeProof fre iPhone 5s case. I didn’t use it all that much during the trip but I used it the rest of the summer.  It’s supposedly waterproof and shockproof but I don’t plan on testing either.  My concern with using the LifeProof case was that it put a piece of plastic between the camera lens and the outside world I wanted to capture.  Low and behold it didn’t affect my pictures at all.  In fact I have a few panoramas that I plan to print and hang they came out so nicely.

All in all I have to say thanks to Jason, Secur Products, Industrial Revolution and LifeProof for hooking me up with such great gear. I recommend, the knife, solar charger and iPhone case for anyone looking.

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