Coverage Is King At Coechella As The New Ten-Ten-Antenna Debuts

coachellaLast week AT&T debuted the first Ten-Ten antenna’s at Coechella Music Festival. Even though selfie sticks are banned from the event we are going to see millions of selfie’s uploaded, Instagram pics posted and more Facebook updates than any human can count. AT&T is predicted to handle more than 12TB of data with their new set up that consists of two spherical balls with their tops and bottoms cut off that send out radio frequency (RF) signals in various directions based on how the network engineers attach transmitting elements to each antenna.

What does this mean to customers??? It means no dropped calls and always on connection at speeds that should beat down every other carrier. You’ll be able to Tweet and Meercat to your heart’s content.

So who’s going to Coechella this weekend?

AT&T Ten-Ten-Antenna

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