Samsung Is Doing What Apple Couldn’t, Samsung Pay Will Work At 90% Of POS CC Machines Thanks to LoopPay

Samsung-Pay-oficialFamily, friends, CEO’s and parents at my kids school always ask me what was exciting at MWC this year.  By Monday morning, the first day of MWC, I’m pretty sure I have already seen what is going to be the biggest and most important announcement of Mobile World Congress 2015 and instead of stringing you along I’ll just tell you , it’s Samsung Pay.

Samsung announced their new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Monday morning (read my Galaxy S5 review here) and part of the keynote covered one of it’s newest features. Samsung Pay is clearly Samsung’s answer to Apple Pay and on the surface it looks so much better.  Both services let you go shopping and pay with your credit card but without the plastic in hand.  They use any number of wireless radios but that probably doesn’t matter to you.  It doesn’t matter to the average consumer what radio or how your credit card number is kept secure.  What I’m going to tell them and I want to share with you is that Samsung Pay works at 90% of credit card terminals around the US according to Electronics VP for Product Strategy and Marketing Team Justin Denison.

20150127samsung_paySo what does all this mean?  Well for me and many others, it means Target, CVS and Trader Joe’s along with thousands of other businesses will likely accept Samsung Pay.  No more need to carry credit cards everywhere you and I go.  It seems as if Samsung is doing what Apple could not and that is putting mobile payments into the pockets of everybody using their newest devices.  Apple Pay only works on a handful of places I patronize, though Samsung Pay should work at all of them.

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (it comes standard on the S6 as well) to test out the new service.  I’m happily surprised Samsung is doing exactly what Apple could not by purchasing LoopPay and incorporating it’s technology into their phones in a matter of months.  Though I am concerned how many more years are we going to be able to swipe credit cards utilizing the magnetic stripe versus using the chip that will be taken by most credit card terminals by the end of the year.

I hope Samsung just one upped Apple and will beat them at mobile payments.  Now I just need to know how soon AT&T will have the new Galaxy S6 phones. By the way I think the S6 edge in white is for me. What about you?

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