Apple Watch Frenzy, I Can’t Wait To Use It To Open My Hotel Room Door

Apple Watch Starwood 3 facesThe Apple Watch is coming… The Apple Watch is coming… My news feed is filled with talk of Apple’s latest and greatest new device category and the world is giddy with excitement. Well it is exciting, it’s not the first smart watch, like the iPhone wasn’t the first touchscreen smartphone and the iPad wasn’t the first tablet. Apple has a way of launching a category that already exists into stratospheric popularity.  By the way it’s the Apple Watch not Apple Watch.

I have used a number of smart watches over the last few years and it is amazing how very little has changed. My favorite smart watch is still the Pebble.  I don’t have it check me in on Four Square or find a the closest restaurant with Yelp, I just use it for notifications, oh and as a watch.  All the smart watches do this kind of thing but the Pebble watch battery lasts for 5 days.  That’s the defining factor for me at this point.

Now I assume the Apple Watch will last one day with moderate use and that may be a leap but if it does I can handle that.  I would have to take a charger with me on overnight trips unlike the Pebble but hey, what’s one more proprietary charger?

Apple Watch open door SPGWhat excites me about the Apple Watch is two things.  It’s not that it’s measuring my heart rate which is kind of cool, it’s not tracking my steps or sharing finger drawn sketches with other Apple Watch users.  I’m excited about using the Apple Watch as my boarding pass and my door key both at home and in hotels.  It’s inevitable that American Airlines is going to update their iOS app to support check in and boarding passes on the watch, this is great and exciting but I can already do that with any smartphone at this point.  I’m most excited to stay at a Starwood or Hilton hotel and use the Apple Watch to unlock my door.  When I’m entering my hotel room whether on vacation or traveling for business my hands are most likely full, briefcase, iPhone, jacket, etc. I can’t stop thinking about touching my wrist accessory to the door and having it unlock.

Starwood Hotel as well as the Hilton chain announced they are making this happen. At this moment you can use your iPhone and I imagine Android devices as well to unlock your hotel room door, in some locations and when the Apple Watch launches it will be able to do the same. This to me is the future. Reducing “stuff” we need to carry with us like a hotel room key. By the end of any conference I have business cards in every pocket and trying to find the one plastic hotel room key among business cards is a pain.

Different people are excited about different technologies and I for one can’t wait to stay at a Starwood or Hilton property to test this out.

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