LifeProof’s fré iPhone 6 Case Is Another Home Run

Through LifeProofAfter using LifeProof’s fré case on and off since its launch I can tell you it is a home run.  LifeProof is known for making rugged cases built to withstand drops from over 6 feet and sealed from dust, dirt and water. Yup it’s supposedly water proof.  I say supposedly ONLY because I’m not brave enough to test it myself.  According to the package it can be submerged in 6 feet of water for up to 1 hour.

I regularly ask questions of the people I interact with and a family friends son is a competitive sailor, I talked to him about his case.  Another friend is a professional pet groomer and she spends hours a day elbow deep in gross doggy water. Both of them are LifeProof users and regaled me with stories of their cell phone abuse and submersion.  Though when they take their cases off the phones are dry and pristine.

Keeping in mind this is a waterproof and shock proof case it doesn’t add a whole lot of thickness to what some call a work of art, I call my iPhone.  The fré case on the iPhone 6 is just a tad thicker than an old iPhone 4s with no case on it at all.  That is pretty darn thin for any cell phone case, let alone one that is supposed to keep an iPhone from breaking if it takes a 6 foot fall.  The phone is big as it is and the case does add a little more girth around the sides but it is not enough to keep it out of your pocket (LP I’m just being honest).  In my personal opinion, the new iPhones are too smooth & slippery and the fré case remedies that.

Some may be concerned with the camera having another lager of plastic or glass over it… Don’t worry yourself.  I took my iPhone 5s in a fré case on a backpacking trip and took some amazing looking pics with absolutely no distortion that I could see.

Lastly comes the looks.  I didn’t think I would like the way the iPhone looks in any case but I don’t mind the fré case.  It makes my phone look a little tougher and the new iPhones need that.  The neon cases look pretty cool and make the phone easier to find in a pile of your kids toys (does that only happen to me?) as well as at the bottom of a shallow lake.  I prefer the white/grey but that’s only because I like white phones.

My only complaint is that I wish the opening for the charging port would be much larger.  I have some Apple certified lightening chargers and they don’t even come close to fitting into the tiny opening LifeProof left me.  So expect to have to use your original Apple charger when your phone is in the case.

By the way, my dog grooming friends’ case started coming apart.  When she asked LifeProof to replace it they didn’t hesitate.  It seems like they know cases are not indestructible but they take the stance that may affect their bottom line in the short run but inflate it in the long run.  They replaced her case and offered her any color she wanted.  Any company that has their customers back like they do is a breath of fresh air in this day and age.

In closing, I think the LifeProof fré case is worth the hefty price tag.  Yes $80 is a lot of money but if you’re looking for a quality case to keep your very expensive iPhone safe in the fré is the best in breed.

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