Blu And Low Cost Phones Will Gain Popularity This Year

(null)I get the feeling handset maker Blu is going to make some waves in 2015. We can all see what Xiaomi is doing and it’s paving the way for other phones to make a splash. Blu a handset maker out of Florida has been on my radar for a while now and last year at CTIA they really caught my attention with their super thin super sexy flagship Android phone. I don’t remember what it’s called and it doesn’t matter because in 2015 we are going to hear a lot more from them.

People around the world are tired of paying a significant portion of their paycheck to buy a new smartphone, it’s not an engagement ring and you’re not marrying your phone. Baby boomers for example are making their way on to a fixed income and adding another $30/month x 2 phones for 20 months would affect that income. So a Blu phone that does everything that $600 phone does for 1/3 the price will seem pretty appealing.

Anyways, Blu is well known in South America and I think with the right marketing and PR it could really make a dent in North America over the next few years. It may never be Xiaomi but on the other hand, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.

For the younger crowd that may want a spec’d out phone, Blu has got a serious device for you… Their Vivo Air looks to be more than just acceptable. Plus their phones are sim free so when you travel abroad you can buy a local sim or use a Truphone sim and not pay outrages roaming fees.

I’m not a psychic and I’m not getting paid to write this, I just know from talking to people that they are ready for Blu or the likes. iPhones may feel premium but so do Blu phones from what I’ve read and iPhones aren’t a status symbol like they once were. I believe people want something nice but less expensive and Blu may just be the thing.

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