BlackBerry Is Clawing It’s Way Back On AT&T

BlackBerry Passport and ClassicWell BlackBerry is at it again and they got AT&T to launch their 2 newest devices, the Passport and the Classic.  We haven’t heard a whole lot from Canada’s onetime jewel of the mobile industry but clearly this is part of their master plan for a comeback.

AT&T got an exclusive deal and will be launching the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic on February 20th.  Both devices will have solid but not amazing camera’s I presume and will hopefully have the amazing keyboard the company is well-known for.

I for one am excited to see BlackBerry doing what it can to come back, stay relevant or whatever it is that it’s doing.  They have now made it easy to download and use apps from the Amazon App Store along with the usual BB App World store.  They also have an app and service called BlackBerry Blend making it possible to do a lot of what you would do on your phone on a computer or tablet. I look forward to playing with these phones in particular the new flagship Passport and by the way, it looks amazing in white.

2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Is Clawing It’s Way Back On AT&T

  1. The app that allows you to view your BlackBerry activity on your iPad, PC or Mac is called BlackBerry Blend. And it works really well over both WiFi and carrier connections. So if you leave your device at, say, work you can access it on your PC at home.

  2. Thanks for the correction Jim. I hope I get to review a Passport, it seems like a top notch device. Funny, I still get called a BB fan boy even though I haven’t used one as my primary device in years, I just always have good things to say about them.
    Thanks for reading my blog, it’s an honor.

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