Tablift Made My iPad Usable While My Back Hurt by @JebBrilliant

TabLift holding iPad.

TabLift holding iPad.

I was first introduced to the Tablift at CES 2014 and instantly thought this is a gimmick and not worth the money for me. Boy was I wrong. The Tablift is a unique tablet stand. It allows me to put my full size iPad in one of three positions in landscape or portrait mode and uses a bungie cord to hold the iPad in place. I received one of the first Tablift’s off the assembly line and have used it many times ever since. it allows me to lay in bed or on the couch and watch or read on my tablet. This was great when my back went out because it was painful to have to hold the iPad.

The Tablift has four moveable legs allowing me to lay on a narrow couch or in my big bed and get the perfect position to be comfortable. The Tablift seems sturdy, I’ve kicked it a few times in the dark when it’s on the floor near my bed (always take the iPad out of it before putting it on the floor).

All in all I really enjoy using the Tablift and recommend it to anyone looking for a little added luxury when watching tv on a tablet in a relaxed position. It costs $60 in the SkyMall magazine I was looking at on my flight to an AT&T event. This would be a great gift for anyone who likes to use their tablet in bed.

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