Acompli is Rebranded Outlook by Microsoft

OutlookI’ve been testing Acompli for what seems like ever and have loved it from the beginning.  The email/calendar app is intuitive and easy to use.  Last month Microsoft purchased them and has now rebranded it Microsoft Outlook.  At first I was worried they were going to dumb it down or mess it up altogether but low and behold it’s just as it was.

Outlook is a wonderful app that works like a charm.  It is only missing one single feature for my liking and that is swipe to mark as read and archive. That being said I still use Acompli daily and will now be a Microsoft Outlook user.

It launched on iOS and Android, go search Microsoft Outlook in the respective app stores and download it right away.  This app really may change the way you interact with your email and calendar.  By the way, one of the killer features on the calendar is being able to share specific times you’re available for appointments and letting the recipient pick and time and lock it in with you.

Congratulations to Javier Soltero and his crack team.

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