Zagg iPad Mini Folio Bluetooth Keyboard

IMG_1232I gave my wife an iPad mini a few months back and she loves it.  She had one of those magnetic flip covers that protected the screen plus propped it up when she was watching videos.  The thing was my wife was still stuck to using her Mac for email and shopping because she wasn’t a fan of typing on the iPad screen. I was surprised when she told me she wanted a bluetooth keyboard, I didn’t think she’d ever consider that kind of thing.  I LOVE the Zagg Folio iPad keyboard I was given to review a few years back so I didn’t think twice about getting the Zagg Folio case and keyboard for her.  I haven’t used it as much as she has so I’ll tell  you what she has to say…

What MacBook?  She told me she loves the keyboard and rarely uses her computer any more.  She’s able to write long emails, Facebook messages and input her credit card information so she can shop.  Now her MacBook lies in a drawer with a dead battery.  My wife has taken her iPad with her on trips because she feels like she can do so much more with it.  Side note, it’s AT&T 4G enabled so no more paying for hotel wifi which is a savings every month we travel.

On the detailed side of things the keyboard is not a full size.  It’s probably 75%-80% of a regular size and I have to spend some time getting used to it the few times I’ve used it. The battery lasts for months. My wife was upset when she thought the keyboard stopped working but I asked if she had ever charged and she hadn’t.  This was after at least 3 months of use. She loves the back lit keypad for typing in the dark and the shell is pretty protective.  It’s by no means an Otter Box but it has taken some bumps, bruises and many flights.

There you go, I recommend the Zagg Folio Full Body Compact Case for the iPad Mini.

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