Faster Internet Speeds At Howie’s Game Shack Thanks To AT&T And Their Focus On B2B

My favorite telecommunications company put on 2 events this summer that I’m so sad I had to miss.  Today I’m writing about Howie’s Game Shack, with a businesses in Buena Park, Mission Viejo and 2 more locations.  Howie’s is a gaming fans heaven and it looks like my media friends really had a great time.  The key thing to remember here is is that AT&T is bringing MUCH faster speeds to businesses around the country.

Here are some Howie Facts:

  • 800 state-of-the-art gaming consoles and computers
  • 6 million hours of games played to date
  • Can accommodate over 1,000 simultaneous players.
  • Delivers 100Mbps
  • Reduced 95% of internet speed complaints

Howie’s is an important example for AT&T because of what it’s been able to do including going from 9Mbps to 100Mpbs for businesses.

Howie's pic 1

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