AT&T Opens APIs For It’s Android Platform Promoting Development For Building U-Verse Apps

On Monday of this week a day before CES opened in Las Vegas AT&T announced its launch of new open APIs helping Android developers create new apps for U-Verse, their cable tv offering.

Since the U-verse Enabled program launched in late 2011 there have been more than 15 apps created that allow customers to use their smart devices to engage and interact with their devices.  These new APIs allow developers from all over the world to interact with experts in the AT&T Labs as well as the AT&T Foundry create new apps but more importantly new experiences interacting with their TVs.

GW Shaw the VP of Video and U-Verse Services was kind enough to give a large delegation of bloggers led by AT&T’s regional PR team from Los Angeles a briefing on the current state of the newly launched API and a little insight (no details of course) about it’s future.  We discussed potential new uses and GW showed off a brand new and first of its kind poker game that was easily created in under two weeks.  The game works by allowing each player to use their own phone to show the card they have been dealt and the TV displays the common cards, pot and the position of the players.  “The AT&T U-verse Poker App is a great way to bring the game to the comfort of your own living room without having to travel to Las Vegas,” said Kasey Thompson, CEO of “All In” magazine.  He followed up with “I really enjoy that you can play with your friends using devices to keep your cards private or play with friends remotely.” which struck a chord with me, my friends like to stack the deck for fun every so often.

Personally I’m pretty impressed with AT&T’s fast growth and agility in what is traditionally a good old boys business of stodgy old men procrastinating for everything.  Props to them and let’s hope they can build up a strong developer community to continue to build apps.

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