Werner Herzog’s Documentary And AT&T’s Party By To Celebrate It’s Release

Last Thursday I attended a very somber AT&T event aimed at changing the dangerous behavior of texting and driving.  It’s not often a telco holds such a serious gathering, but this one was powerful and poignant.  AT&T spearheaded the #ItCanWait initiative more than a year ago and is now joined by Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon to continue to raise awareness.

Back to the purpose of the event, From One Second To The Next is a Werner Herzog documentary that highlights the devastating results some people have had due to texting while driving.  This is a message that rings true to me and I’ve taken the pledge not to text and drive.  I won’t say I’m perfect but I’ve cut down my texting and driving by over 90% since I attended a previous #ItCanWait event at a local YMCA.  In the documentary Herzog showed how harmful texting and driving can be.  One victim I met at the event named Will has permanent brain damage from being hit by a texter.  Another very young victim is paralyzed from the diaphragm down.  We’re not talking about minor fender benders, this can have life ending results and if you text and drive you could unintentionally commit murder.

This was a serious event but I had fun too.  It was exciting to meet Werner and chat with him briefly as well as some other celebrities.  I was able to shoot the red carpet and I got a picture with Brooke Burke, the co host of Dancing with the Stars.  I was very impressed by the celebrity turnout.  From young Hollywood to veteran actors they’re lending their names and faces to this important campaign and by doing so hopefully influencing their fans.    The SWAG bags had some really nice goodies.  I got 2 useful gifts from Kingston, one is a 16GB class 10 micro SD card with a USB and SD card size adapters.  I already used it this weekend in my point and shoot and the read write speeds are super fast, no lag time at all even when shooting in rapid succession.  The other gift from Kingston is a MobileLite wireless Reader and Streamer for SD cards and USB devices, plus it’s a portable battery to charge my phones.  It acts as a host for files.  I pulled the SD card out of my camera I used to take pictures with over the weekend and put the memory card into the MobileLite.  Then after I downloaded the Kingston app onto my iPad I was able to show them off to my family.  I also tested this with a USB thumb drive and it worked perfectly.

I imagine this little gadget will come in handy…  I can share all my pics now with anybody close by, no more uploading them to DropBox plus I can put my kids movies (legally obtained of course) onto my fancy new memory card and let them watch seperate movies when were in the car or at home if my computer is turned off.  As a parent this is awesome.  I don’t have to fiddle with iTunes to sync all their movies onto our old iPhones we “allow” our kids to use.  They can just stream them over the MobileLite.

Additionally I think this bad boy will come in handy when I have files I want to share with people in my office.  We have a really old server running, it’s so old it won’t allow Macs to log onto it so us Apple users can’t access it

s files.  Now I can share files with any of the people in the office.  Lastly it doubles as a portable battery to charge my kids phones when they inevitably run out of juice from streaming movies.  This little gadget is going to be invaluable in my family.

I also got a portable speaker, the jamjar made by HMDX that a friend told me sounds surprisingly good for the price and size.  It looks like it should fit into a car’s cup holder but I plan on using it at the beach and to take with when I travel so I have music in my hotel rooms.  A nice looking waterproof Otterbox case.  And the most useful battery backup I’ve seen of late, it’s made by Zagg and has it’s own flip down plug plus 2 USB ports for charging.

This was a serious event that I really enjoyed and in my typical fashion I’ll mention food, it was hand passed and pretty tasty.  Thanks to AT&T for putting on such an important event and for the SWAG bag.

I highly suggest you watch at least a few minutes of the mini doc and if you have kids that are driving age it’s definitely worth them watching it.  What’s 30 minutes of their time versus the catastrophic alternative?  Go to www.itcanwait.com to watch the doc and TAKE THE PLEDGE!

If you think you will have trouble quitting on your own, download AT&T’s “Drive Mode” app on GooglePlay or “DriveSafeMode” for iPhoners.

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