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I’ve been reviewing the STM Convoy laptop backpack and want to get my review up now that I’m done traveling for the summer.  Let’s start with, my Mom bought one for her trip overseas.  She loved it so much she went online and got one.  According to her all the pockets were in the right place and they were the right size.

I have to say I agree with her.  My mom is right, the Convoy’s pockets are all in the right places and they’re all exactly the right size for me.  As a carry on for my travel this summer I was able to carry my laptop, two iPads, my Samsung Galaxy S4 (love it) a Novatel MiFi, the Samsung Galaxy camera and 2 iPhones my girls use.  Additionally I had all the chargers for this kit.  We were on six planes, two rental  minivans and through four airports and everything always felt safe and sound in my STM backpack.

For starters the pockets where I kept all the phones and MiFi are felt (or some super soft cloth) lined so the phone screens came out cleaner than when I put them in.  The snaps stay shut and are easy to close even when the pack is bursting.  Below that is a hefty pocket big enough to fit a thick paperback book, though I loaded it up with chargers, cables, my noise canceling headphones and a bunch of batteries.  The next pocket is the typical pens and cards pocket with a few extras.  First off it’s deep, so deep I could put my contact solution and glasses case in there.  It also has a nice detachable keyring I use to hold a sim card tray ejector.  There’s also the big zippered pocket, 2 business card slots which will come in handy for trade shows (1 slot for my cards and 1 slot for people I meet) and room for four pens.

There are 2 side pockets I used for my sunglasses and the Samsung Galaxy camera I brought with (which is a large point and shoot).

Lastly but probably most important is the laptop pocket.  It’s ridiculously padded so I felt my laptop was always safe.  There’s even an elastic flap cover to keep it in place.  The only thing this pack was missing was a dedicated spot to keep my iPad, so it lived with the computer.

The material that the pack is made from is super strong and stain resistant and the zippers are very high quality.  The entire pack is just rock solid but doesn’t weigh too much.

All in all this is the best laptop backpack I’ve ever used.  The kicker is, it doesn’t look like it’s meant for a laptop, just like the STM Impulse backpack I reviewed earlier this year, so I didn’t feel like it was a high risk target for thieves.  I would highly recommend it as a carry on to compliment the bag with your clothes because you can’t really pack many in there.  It’s also a great school or work bag seeing as it can hold so much gear.  And you know if I suggested my mom buy it, it must be darn good.The last and really interesting feature is the waterproof hood stored in the bottom of the pack.  It fully encases the pack except for the part against my back in case of rain.  I was really glad I didn’t need to test it.

Thanks to the STM folks for sending me the backpack and I hope next time I’m in Australia we’ll get a chance to meet up.

2 thoughts on “STM Convoy Backpack Review

  1. Hi Al,
    I usually carry at least one sometimes two or even three battery packs, depending on my travel or activities for the day. There’s absolutely room in the STM Convoy for all the batteries you want.
    In all honesty I really like the bag and the only pack I switch it out for now occasionally is the other STM backpack I reviewed, the Impulse. They’re just nice, sturdy bags that do the job.

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