Kingston MobileLite Media Streamer/Battery Review

I’ve been reviewing the Kingston MobileLite for over a month now and it’s been pretty trick as my friend Juan from would say.

Let me explain what the MobileLite is, first it’s a portable battery for your smartphone which is nice because my iPhone never lasts the entire day.  Its main role though is a central hub for some zeros and ones.  When I plug a USB stick or memory card in the MobileLite it allows you to access them if you’re within range.  Meaning, the files you need to share with your coworkers can be accessed by them and you don’t have to email them anything.  This is great for big files like pictures and videos which may be too large to email.  Plus this network is able to be secured behind a password.

I let a professional photographer friend of mine check out the MobileLite one day and he was extremely happy to use it.  He liked that he was able to pull the SD card out of his SLR and put it directly into the MobileLite which allowed him to pull the pics off the SD card and save them onto his Android phone and iPad (plus he was able to back them up to DropBox), then add a watermark and send them up to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr, yes he’s a little obsessed with posting pictures.  He liked it so much he told he was going to buy one this weekend so he could post his super high quality SLR pics all the time.

Now here’s where I get really excited… I have 2 kids and each has an old iPhone.  We also have a vast library of movies on iTunes but it’s WAY too big to fit onto the phones.  Plus I’d have to spend hours transferring them over and syncing them each time I add a new one.  Most of them haven’t been purchased through iTunes either so they can’t download them from the cloud.  My dilemma is then what movies do I put on who’s phone.  Let me tell you, when you’re on a 13 hour flight overseas you don’t want to have to tell your sleep deprived grumpy kid sorry I don’t have the princess movie you’re asking for.

With the Kingston MobileLite I’m now able to EASILY copy and paste the movies (or files) on a USB stick or memory card (thanks Meredith and Kingston for providing them) and be ready to go on a road trip or plane ride with my kids.  Plus a 64GB Kingston thumb drive or memory card is a LOT cheaper than two 64GB iPhones.

So how easy is it to start watching a movie?  All you do is connect your iPhone/iPad to the MobileLite wifi network once it’s turned on and then open the app.  At that point it’s just navigating to the video on the memory card/USB key.  It’s all pretty easy on iOS and on Android it’s even easier.

I’m really happy with the experience I’ve had with the Kingston MobileLite, for what it does it’s a pretty good size and it offers my wife and I the ability to keep my kids occupied while traveling which is a pretty hard mountain to conquer.  Thanks Kingston and Meredith for the chance to review my new best travel companion.

2 thoughts on “Kingston MobileLite Media Streamer/Battery Review

  1. This kingston mobile lite is not attracting to me at all. Stick to my RavPower filehub which has the similar functions as this does.

  2. Karis I don’t find the MobileLite attractive either but it more than makes up for that in function. Enjoy the RavPower I may be reviewing one soon.
    Thanks for reading my blog,

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