TruPhone Is A Traveler’s Best Friend, Especially When You Use Their Mobile App

So Mobile World Congress has come and gone again.  As usual I planned to blog during MWC and right after but as usual I didn’t.  MWC wipes me out and when I get home I need to work at the jobs that pay me.  I’m a little late with these and I’m going to clump a few blog posts together into 1.  Don’t hate me, at least it’s not 2 months after MWC.

Let me start with my favorite piece of SWAG, in this case it was a TruPhone sim card.  I’ve been a fan of TruPhone since they were a small company on a dairy farm in England somewhere around 2006 or 2007.  They have a few offerings now, the first 2 being a prepaid or postpaid sim card that can work nearly anywhere in the world (at least where I would consider traveling to) and gives you really reduced roaming rates.  They include 1 US, UK or Australian number and you can rent additional numbers from them month to month.  For transparency sake I used their sims during my time in Europe as well as on previous trips.  TruPhone was nice enough to load 100 dollars, pounds or euros, I never really asked on to it and let me have at it.  I was able to stay connected everywhere I went in Barcelona, from the conference itself to the subways, I was always connected.  3G worked perfectly on my iPhone and my Samsung Galaxy S 3, most importantly for me I was able to get my email and run Google Maps.

TruPhone also has another offering that’s getting better and better all the time.  They just updated their mobile app and it’s pretty slick.  I’ve been able to make calls from in for a while but now it shows me how much my call will cost per minute before dialing.  Plus it has a signal strength indicator.

TruPhone as a consumer service is a godsend in terms of controlling your roaming bill when traveling abroad.  As a business service it’s almost a necessity to stay connected and use your normal number versus some random number your company gives you with a dumb phone. I know that when I travel abroad I always rely on my TruPhone sim, I forward my work number to my TruPhone number and no one knows I’m not in the office.

I highly recommend TruPhone and if you have any questions about them feel free to ask me.

Oh and just so we’re clear, I’ve gotten lots of free sims from TruPhone over the years, back when they first launched they were giving out free VOIP service as well.  I think I had a cookie when I was in their hospitality suite and for all the knit pickers out there, I got a tour of their office last year. That’s all the transparency I’ve got for you.

I almost forgot, the TruPhone app is available on iOS, Android and I’m happy to point out the new BlackBerry’s.  It should be a given but I’ll also point out TruPhone has all sizes of sim cards.

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