Review of the GlobalGig Mobile Hotspot

I was using a GlogalGig mobile hotspot or mifi while I was in London recently as an alternative to using my data from my home carrier AT&T.  AT&T is nice and I use them at home but I’m just not a fan of paying roaming rates (that’s one reason I’m such a fan of TruPhone) so the GlobalGig mifi is a perfect alternative, especially for users with 2 or more devices.  I was carrying 2-3 phones daily and my iPad, so having 1 paying point versus 3-4 is ideal.

Voiamo the makers of GlobalGig have a great pricing plan $17/1gb, $25/2gb, $45/5gb and finally $80/10gb.  There are 2 ways to get the wireless hotspot device itself, either buy it outright for $99 (promotional price, it’s usually $119) or get it free if you sign up for an 18 month plan with the monthly rates staying the same with either option.

Now the GlobalGig doesn’t work everywhere but it works in many of the top markets people travel to for business or pleasure, UK, US, Australian, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Hong Kong.  I’m told the list is growing regularly so if your destination country isn’t on there check their site regularly.

This isn’t a commercial blog post for them by the way, I really like what they’re doing.  My wife, best friend, his fiancee and myself were all on the GlobalGig uploading pictures, attending to our email and I even downloaded a map app of the London underground.  This thing really kept me connected during my vacation.  I can only imagine if my kids were with us, they’d want to connect our old iPhones and Skype with the grandparents and play their games.  NO WAY I’d let them roam overseas but with the GlobalGig I can just jump to the next higher plan and not worry about a colossal roaming bill when I get home.  It’s all prepaid here so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

The GlobalGig prices prices seem very reasonable and their device was adequate.  It’s not great though.  I couldn’t tell what the battery life was like or even get a rough estimate of how much data I was using.  I’ve spoken to their people and they said they’d take that into consideration for their next device.  All in all, I really liked my experience with the Voiamo GlobalGig and would recommend it to friends/family traveling abroad.

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