Using your Phone Camera to Fill in Text


I’d really like it if most text boxes that I have to type into on my phone had the option to snap a pic of the text I want in there. So for example when I need to fill in an address into a calendar event I can just snap a pic of the invitation and have it automatically propagated.

I know this just sounds lazy but I’m regularly getting invitations to kids parties for my girls and I need to create calendar events from my phone. It would be great if I could take a pic of the invitation and then copy and paste the text into different text boxes in the calendar event.
OCR is great for taking pics of business cards but let’s take it to the next level. Let’s now be able to copy and paste that text into text boxes. Let’s take pics of lists and have it turned into a digital list. How about taking a pic of a URL and having your phone ask if you want to go to the URL.

This kind of thing shouldn’t be the future, it should be our present. In 2013 we have all the technology needed to make this happen. EverNote or CardMunch has the OCR covered, we should then just have it placed n a text document and be able to copy and paste it whoever we want. Or when you take a pic of a URL and have the phone ask if you want to open the URL in your phones browser.

This should be our reality now, come on developers, stop making your version of Instagram and DropBox and make something new and different.

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