Going Computer Free for 2 Weeks and Thanks to AT&T


I am a huge fan of traveling lite. I don’t always travel as meagerly as I probably could, no one really needs 4 phones, even if I am going to be out of the office for almost 2 weeks. So this trip to Europe for Mobile World Congress, some meetings in London and a short vacation is going to be a serious test, I didn’t bring my laptop. I’ll have some work that MUST get done and I’m gong to have to do it on my iPad plus Zagg bluetooth keyboard.

I try to do as much as I can in the cloud these days but using CloudOn like a few friends have suggested is probably out of the question because I may not be as connected as I’m used to. At home I have AT&T 4G on my iPad but I won’t be using it in Europe. So I’ll have to use apps that don’t need connectivity to run but that can sync next time they go online. So I’m going to be doing my word processing in Evernote.

For voice I’ll be using the Phone.com Mobile Office App that will allow me to make and receive voice calls as well as SMS, all using my Samsung Galaxy S 3 Android phone powered by AT&T, big thanks to them.

I’ll probably also try blogging from the WordPress iOS app and report back to you what I find.

One thought on “Going Computer Free for 2 Weeks and Thanks to AT&T

  1. Very good. Getting extra mobile is a good thing Jeb. Would be great to see something of a follow-up here with you using the Padfone (any of them) as that’s simply the kind of mobility that you are doing here. Very excited to see what comes of this.

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