Save Time Inputting Biz Card Details With CardMunch

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As trade show season arrives upon me I’m always looking for the apps that will make my life easier.  From saving time to saving me doing repetitive activities I’m on the prowl for services to help me.  One service I’ve been using a bit is CardMunch.  It was a paid service until it was acquired by LinkedIn back in January 2011.

What is CardMunch you ask?  It’s an iPhone app that allows me to take pictures of business cards, upload the images to LinkedIn then have it converted into a contact to connect with on LinkedIn and add to my cell phone’s address book.  This has been amazing for me in terms of organizing and keeping up with the cards I acquire during conferences.  No more spending over an hour on flights home monotonously inputting contact info into my phone.  CardMunch has solved this for me and for that I’m happy to spread the good word about them.

What apps save you time?

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