Giving Away an AT&T LG Optimus G

This is absolutely amazing…  AT&T has been kind enough to give me an LG Optimus G to give away.  No I’m not keeping it for myself and don’t offer to be my best friend for the phone.  Just like the new Facebook page for TheMobilePerspective.  Once I get 100 Likes I’ll randomly pick a name from the people that like the page and ship it to them.  It’s just that simple.

So go and start liking TheMobilePerspective FB page, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your cats vet.  Help me get 100 Likes and you could win the LG Optimus G. Enjoy and happy holidays

***While devices for this Sweepstakes were provided by AT&T Services, Inc., the Sweepstakes is administered solely by TheMobilePerspective.  Any and all questions or disputes regarding selection of winner shall be kept to yourself.  If you don’t like the way things go on around here don’t visit.

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