Outlets To Go 200 Global Adapter with USB Charging

Monster Power has been nice enough to send me a pretty cool little travel toy, the Outlets To Go 200 Global Adapter.  It’s a power outlet adapter/splitter…  It has 2 outlets and 1 USB port but most importantly, it’s small and light.  The front facing plug looks like it should fit any plug in the world, at least every one I’ve ever come across and the plug on the bottom looks like it should fit a US and European plug.

Now to my favorite part of the adapter, the USB charging port.  Every other similar device I’ve come across  have always disappointed me in that they don’t charge my iPad.  In particular they won’t charge my iPad 3.  This isn’t acceptable because I typically travel with only my iPad for computing now or at least with my iPad (sometimes I’ll bring my laptop).

One of the interesting features of the Outlets To Go 200 Global Adapter is that it doesn’t just have the expected US plug to go into an outlet in your hotel room but it also has the 2 barrel European plug.  This is nice when in Europe, it will be one less converter to travel with.  My only complaint and it’s a general design thing is that it doesn’t have a second USB port for charging.  I’d like to be able to only bring the wires necessary and not the plugs themselves but having a USB port that will charge my iPad makes me very happy.

I’m always looking for ways to lighten up my luggage and the Outlets To Go 200 Global Adapter is the way to go for me,  I actually like it so much I tend to carry it with me in my daily bag.  It’s smaller then the other travel adapters and will charge my iPad, iPhone and another phone or computer if necessary.  I highly recommend it for daily commuters all the way up to world travelers.

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