Ma Bell is Cutting the Copper and Adding Enhanced PTT

Cutting copper and going all IP.   That’s what AT&T is preparing to do over the next 3 years, spending $22Billion on it.  Copper being traditional phone lines also known as POTS strung up on phone poles is what’s coming down.  In it’s place AT&T plans to replace it with fibre optic cable so that they can run the internet at much faster speeds into your living room and to your phone.  This is a bold move signaling true acceptance of VOIP as the future and POTS lines as history.  Once implemented 1 cable line will bring your voice, internet and TV services into your house.

Many homes and small businesses have been using VOIP for years but now everyone else is going to have to join the fun.  I use (a client) for my work number, I’d use it for my home phone as well if I could get our of my Verizon contract.  With proper VOIP services you can get all kinds of additional benefits that you couldn’t before and I’m hoping AT&T will enable those.  With I’m able to get text messages on my work number forwarded to my cell phone.  Up to this point you couldn’t send a text to a land line, maybe we’ll be able to soon.  Additionally I get free international calls to dozens of countries and really cheap rates to the rest of them.

AT&T is on the right track with this switch to fibre.   While I’m at it I just got a press release that AT&T launched a new EPTT service.  If you remember, back in the day you could use your Nextel as a walkie talkie on the iDEN network, well I guess enough businesses wanted this service so AT&T announced it today.  Their pitch is Enhanced Push to Talk is super fast because it’s on their 4G LTE network.  They’re also announcing 3 new phones, 2 from Samsung, the Rugby 3 and the Galaxy Rugby Pro.  AT&T also picked up the Sonim XP5560 Bolt, I’ve abused Sonim phones before and they can take a serious beating, like when I took a hammer to one at Mobile World Congress.

Well AT&T is taking the steps, I just hope that they don’t get blocked by the FCC for their fibre plan and I hope my contracter uses EPTT.

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