What Ever Happened To Google Latitude?

What ever happened to Latitude?  I had such high hopes for Google Latitude back in the day.  It had so much potential to be a game changer.  I was hoping to have heavy tie in to Android devices but haven’t seen it once.

I loved the idea of landing in London and having all my friends within 50 miles get a message telling them I’m in town, but also alerting my driver to come pick me up.  I’d really love for them to be able to SMS or IM me instantly and we could set up a time to meet.  I’d love for my credit cards to monitor my location so I don’t have any problems using my cards while overseas.

Even more importantly and a big money maker for the telco’s is that they could charge the credit card companies for knowing where my phone is in relation to my credit card and if they are more then 1-3 store lengths apart there is a problem and don’t let the credit card charges go through.

Latitude could alert my wife each time it comes back online in a new city after a flight and SMS my wife letting her know I’ve arrived.  It could tell the person I’m supposed to be meeting that I’ve just entered the building.  Latitude could alert me when my kids (when they get a little older) get home from school or if they leave their school campus during the school day.

I had a wonderful experience with Latitude years ago when a friend and I were trying to find each other in San Francisco, we didn’t have to talk, we just walked toward each other using Latitude to guide us.

I’m thoroughly disappointed that I haven’t seen any change in Latitude in what seems like years.  A really strong API for it could really be another game changer but that may be asking a little to much right now.  Either way, what has happened to Latitude?  Is it on it’s way to it’s deathbed?

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