Google Voice should hire Spinvox for message transcription

spinvox_logo_white.gifI have been using GrandCentral for years and when they announced Google Voice I was elated.  I could not wait for the new features including my absolute favorites being SMS and voice mail being transcribed to text and emailed and texted to you.

Well the SMS is great but the voice transcription is dreadful.  I didn’t call someone back last week mistakenly thinking it was a telemarketer.  It was Bena Roberts of GoMoNews fame and a very important mover and shaker in the business.  This kind of transcription mistake is not acceptable.  I have a suggestion for Google Voice that I really hope they listen to, OUTSOURCE TO SPINVOX.  Now I don’t work for SpinVox, but I’ve used it and on dozens of friends very high regard and reference for the SpinVox service I’m willing to give this advice.

Google don’t allow Google Voice to tarnish a perfectly fantastic service because you’re not willing to spend a few dollars.  Go test out SpinVox and if it beats your transcription (I guarantee it will) then please switch over.

4 thoughts on “Google Voice should hire Spinvox for message transcription

  1. Rumor is that Spinvox is in fact doing some of the speech work behind GC. Google’s iphone voice search app is home grown and excellent, but Spinvox may be providing the automated engine for GC. Spinvox’ higher quality transcription in their paid product is so much better because they have humans doing QA.

  2. Very interesting Fipps. I’m curious if your right about SpinVox supporting Google Voice or if that’s just a rumor.

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